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Friends: The Con is Off. Finish the last, intricately planned steps of your grift by 11:59 p.m. tomorrow, because your devious ways aren't exactly going to mesh with next year's theme.

Suggested talking points: The Naming of 2016, Letter Licking, Wolf School, Cookie Surprises, Imaginary Enemy

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A joyous Candlenights to you and yours! Here’s our live episode from our beautiful hometown of Huntington, WV. It’s got everything you need to boost your holiday spirits: Carolers, good cheer and a deep, deep dive into fetishizing Tim Allen’s Santa belly.

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The metamorphosis has begun. Come all, and bear witness to our rebirth into a new world -- a world full of hoops, dunks and wonder. Come, luxuriate in our basketball fantasies.

Suggested talking points: Basketball Fantasies, Bubble Gum Adventures, Fair Use, Tardis Impressions, Griffin McElroy's Slam Dunk Sports Wine, Spurs Dad, Huntington Revitalization Project

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This week, we very casually, almost off-handedly change the automotive industry forever. We just like, drop this earth-shattering car innovation like, no big deal, free of charge.

Suggested talking points: Quantum Candlenights, Extreme Dad Hobbies, Blaze v. Toke, Three Horns, Butt Shots, Buffet Alert

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