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Time to unpack your stockings and wreaths, or whatever the Candlenights equivalent of stockings and wreaths is: We officially on that Christmas Creep.


Suggested talking points: Creepin', Noseblind, Teenbaby, YOLO School, Large Marge, Lotion and Candles

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Happy Franksgiving! This week, we're sharing our thankfulness for aggressive hip-hop dance moves, drugs for horses, and having sex with Craigslist.


Suggested talking points: Praying Mantis, Horse Weed, Recovery Pop-Tart, Holy Krump, Pecan Thief, Old Strength

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Sex and death are the two most powerful primal forces in life, friends, so it's time we sit down and have a frank, overdue discussion about the two. Only, not at the same time. Because, gross.


Suggested talking points: Gift Registry, Today Show Slash Fic, Burnin' Rubber, Get Busy Child, Shitty Iron Man, Food Incentive, Down The Sexual Oubliette

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You have a very, very important decision to make this week, friends: What kind of birthday presents should you get Justin and Travis? What do they deserve? What color goes best with their eyes?


Suggested talking points: Kindling, Coffee Camper, Jackie's Boner Brew, Ocean's Fourteen, Funky Unky Dunky, OK Cupid Freaks

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