My Brother, My Brother And Me
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We made a podcast for you! Sure, it's got some rough edges, and is made of macaroni, and is not a podcast at all but rather a piece of macaroni art. But still, a LOT of love went into it.


Suggested talking points: Favorite Oscars, Squatting, iButt, Dansexual, Big City Livin', Hot Topic Apocalypse

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After a two-week absence which we assume was as horrifying for you as it was for us, we return with an episode chock-full of pope jokes and doin' it humor. Sometimes in the same breath. It's good to be back.


Suggested talking points: Papal Exploratory Council, High School Subtraction, Subway Spy, Suds Buds, Red Band Trailer, Giant Eagle

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Art thou brave enough to conquer the latest episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me? Dost thou possess the constitution to bear our sports references? Can you survive Justin's truly horrific audio quality? You cannot. You have died.


Suggested talking points: Puppy Bowl XFL, Co-Worker in the Iron Mask, Valentine Minefield, Homemade 24, Love in a Hopeless Place, Oh No, Undergroundhog

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