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We sure hope you've been diligent in your dirt-digging, because 2013 is hours away from being behind us. Don't be scared -- we're here to guide you through the new year with a new, highly brand-able slogan.


Suggested talking points: Professionalism, Walk-thru, Second Day Darrell, Little Sister, Sky Bevs, 2014, The Check List

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It's the most wonderful time of the year as the McElroys bring you their annual pan-faith, no cursing holiday spectacular. Share it with someone you love, share it with someone you want to unnerve, just share it. After all, it's Candlenights.

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Can you feel it? Can you fee-ee-eeeeel it? The warmth? The kindness? The magic of Candlenights has begun its wondrous machinations.


Countdown, Mobile Birthday, Warped Tour, Two Travises for Christmas, Lopez Theft, The JNCO Collapse, Yahoo Answers Appreciation

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We know we're a bit late in telling you this, but the McElroy brothers are here for all your turkey-cooking advice needs. Step one: Visualize the turkey. See it in your mind's eye. Taste it with your mind-mouth.


Suggested talking points: Homeland Turkey, PlayStation Buttslammer, Hair-o, Drive-Thru Limits, Mayoral Powers, Cool Guy Voice, Urinal Mysteries

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