My Brother, My Brother And Me
Free advice, from three of the world's most qualified experts.

In this very special episode of MBMBaM, Justin is sky high on post-wisdom-tooth-removal opiates, and Travis writes a hymn about himself.

Suggested talking points: Getting Lyfted, Welcome to McDonalds, Nude Rumspringa, TV Greed, The Ballad of Pizza Daniel, Wedding Weed Brian, War on Science

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Happy Solstice, everybody! Oh, don't worry - we definitely know what the solstice is. And like, its significance, and its observations and ... just like, all the things about the solstice.


Suggested talking points: Solstice, Pump Island, Marry a Billy Joel, Old Friend Management, Dank VelJohnson, Travis' Special Underwear

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This is the second of our three-show set at the People's Improv Theater in beautiful New York, New York. Thanks to everyone who came out!

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This episode now has the voice of John Roderick (of The Long Winters fame) at the beginning, middle and end, making it by far our most Roderick-ian episode yet.


Suggested talking points: Jim Tendo, Causal Busting, Narc Club, Yoritos, Vermont Noise Scene, Booting the Drummer, Bone-Out, Go for the Butter Lion, WooHooing

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Six nipples, two bodies, one bed. Aw, don't fret none about it, buddy. That's just the algebra of love. Carry the three. Solve for sex.


Suggested talking points: Nonnee Kisses, One Mo' Again, Elevator Fetish, Booth Sides, Tuba Lessons, Shitty Slickers, YHTN

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