My Brother, My Brother And Me
Free advice, from three of the world's most qualified experts.

Apologies in advance: We recorded this episode in a hurry, thanks to some chaotic McElroy family travel adventures -- as a result, Travis recorded with the wrong mic. Now, as for the 10 minutes of vamping on the theme song for Wings: We have no excuse for that.


Suggested talking points: 10 Year Jump Analysis, Dweezil Zappa's Love Party, Earthquake Sex, Tectosexual, Wings, Muscle Puzzles, Ewok Butt Carriers, Kevin Sorbones, Lice Bryce

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After a long day of toiling for Mr. Bossman, there's one name in the world of entertainment you can count on to chase away the blues: McELROY! The world's favorite chuckle brothers are back with some of their dearest friends with an all new special sure to brighten your day and turn that frown upside down.

This veritable galaxy of stars has been brought to you by the first name in pizza-based snacking: Totino's, so the brothers thought it only fair to spend 45 minutes talking exclusively about their products.

On with the show!

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Justin's back from his beach time sabbatical -- or is he? Like, his body is here. We can see his body. But his mind? His spirit? Those are still nibblin' on that sponge cake, mon.


Suggested talking points: Island Time, Art Appreciation, Vigilanteism, Gom Jabbar, Farm Wisdom, Boy School, The Trough

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With the J-Man living in Island Time, we've gone back to the future - and then past again I guess? - to dig up some of our favorite goofs and pranks from the early years of our show. You better watch out, because Crocoswine's a-coming.


3:20 - Indecent Proposal

5:05 - The First Sad Lib

8:00 - PB&J

10:55 - Greed of the Magi

12:35 - Gooshing from the Johnsons

15:35 - Scrotoshop

19:43 - Everbuddies

22:40 - Firework

26:28 - Crocoswine

28:15 - Frank Lloyd Dirty Boy

43:35 - Buttery Nipples

44:50 - Mindfreak

47:30 - Giamatti Apologies

48:30 - Penis World

52:05 - Fly Me to Heaven Vid Kid

53:43 - Who Gugioned?

57:20 - Metallicas

1:01:13 - Skyrim Sex Pizza

1:02:43 - 90 Pizza Rolls

1:06:29 - Risk/Reward

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So, look. Here's the thing. We prepped all our questions for this episode, but about 10 minutes in, we realized that we just weren't going to do them. So, in this bizarre installment of MBMBaM, we share advice that we wish we could have given our past selves -- important instructions like: Hey, put that bottle of frosted tip gel down. Put it in the garbage, actually.


Suggested talking points: Cold Showers, Exotic Salsas, Video Toasters, Minkus Khan, Safety Patrol, The Pub, Vintage Cocaine, Balls Out United, Peer-Reviewed Bacon, Credit Card Collapse, On Frosted Tips, The Worst Birthday Present of All Time 

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