My Brother, My Brother And Me
Free advice, from three of the world's most qualified experts.

We're all about forgiveness, this week. Say some bogus stuff about your racist restaurant ideas? Name your child after a cardinal direction? Are you Dog the Bounty Hunter? Come home, prodigal children.


Suggested talking points: Racist Rates, Fantasy Enabler, Average American, Fantasy Football, Butt Chugging, Cardinal Directions, Sky Burial 

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We're sorry for missing last week's episode, but we think you'll agree that the show has improved with one week's rest. Like, this week, we talk enthusiastically about horses. When was the last time we had the energy to do that?


Suggested talking points: Fat Pipes, Syncing Up, Horse Stack, Morrissey Hair, Ironic Tiesto, Whistlin' Sarah, Papa Pockets

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Live, from MaxFunCon, it's My Brother, My Brother and Me's show-closing spectacular! Well, okay, it's not live anymore. It was live on Sunday. Now ... now it's dead, we guess?

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