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Please, please, someone get us out of this contract. We are in a Hellscape of our own creation, from which we will never receive relief. Anyone. Please.


Suggested talking points: On the Blob, Sock Farmer, Dew Time, Larry the Cable Curse, Knuckles Threesome, Accidental Breaking Bad

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Here's our final live show from our Midwest tour from earlier this year, which took place Easter Sunday at the Athenaeum in beautiful Chicago, IL. Can you solve the sock mystery before TIME RUNS OUT?

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We hope you enjoyed the format of the first 250 episodes of My Brother, My Brother and Me, because we just threw that format right in the garbage. Are you ready for the next generation of comedy-advice fusion?


Suggested talking points: Chaz: A Talking Dog, Cleaning Up, Spelling Bee Battledome, WWJCD, Brand Ambassadors, Wizard Swears, Closing Time, Blazer

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We're done skipping the celebrations of our major podcast moments, like our five-year anniversary, or the hundredth time Justin did a Chilean Miners goof. Join us for a particularly introspective journey this week, and also for a frank discussion about Jackie Chan's romantic potency.


Suggested talking points: Missed Observations, Massage Courtesy, Married to Jackie Chan, Mr. Predator, Mary Spookins, C&C Music Factory Day Job, Dafoe Tears

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